OktaCSV, pull Okta Event logs and stream them to the Console

It is written in the GO Language, and can run interpreted (GO Compiles it on the fly), or run the contained binaries for the platform you are running. It is very easy to Modify and Customize, and I hope others find it useful

Source code is available here: https://github.com/pmcdowell-okta/oktacsv

You can also run oktaCSV in Docker !

If you want to run the source code in Docker, No Problem. There are plenty of GoLang images available

The example below should get running

docker run -v c:\oktacsv:/oktacsv golang bash -c "go run /oktacsv/oktacsv.go https://customers.oktapreview.com 00eRP0hnRFqQE8JGw9UW4H9r6j6scgnzbzx0bePfRz"